PlasmaDrive, Inc. is an emerging global leader in advanced fuel economy and emissions reduction innovation and technology. Our mission is to develop, deliver, and deploy technologies that promote cleaner and more energy-efficient vehicles and vessels worldwide...

The company has pioneered a breakthrough technology for improving energy efficiency in engines powered by fossil fuels and reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions.


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National Center for Engine & Energy Efficiency Innovation proposed by MileageMatrix



Our research and engineering team is focused on meticulous development, rigorous testing, and continuous improvement of the technology. Independent laboratory tests show that MileageMatrix's system boosts fuel economy by up to 20 percent while decreasing emissions by over 20 percent.

With clean, energy-saving benefits, PlasmaDrive's innovative technology outperforms all other technologies available today, establishing itself in a new class as a global leader in internal combustion engine energy efficiency research and product development. The company is rapidly developing a timely line of smart and green energy-efficient technologies that hold unprecedented potential for reducing oil consumption, increasing fuel economy, and reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions. MileageMatrix, Inc. has secured patent protection for its breakthrough technologies in the world's most industrialized nations, including the United States, China, Japan, and most of Europe.

PlasmaDrive, Inc. is positioning itself as an innovative product development enterprise and critical energy solutions provider in the global transportation market. Our goal is to become a worldwide brand leader engaged in development, testing, production, sales and marketing, licensing, and installation of groundbreaking technologies. We are committed to delivering unparalleled energy efficiency and emissions reduction benefits to a global consumer, commercial, military, and government customer base. At PlasmaDrive, Inc. clear thinking will provide clean energy solutions for the future and beyond.



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