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PlasmaDrive, Inc. Signs Collaboration Agreement with ATG

On April 14, 2010 PlasmaDrive, Inc. and Automotive Technology Group of Australia signed a collaboration agreement to start a program with the Phas5Fuel System for multiple markets.

Phas5Fuel is a new technology developed by PlasmaDrive which pre-treats the fuel, on the fly, prior to combustion and has both gasoline and diesel applications. For additional information, click on the links below.

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Du Pont Press Release on MileageMatrix (PlasmaDrive)
Digital Rotary Control Valve (DRCV)

On June 10th, Du Pont offered a press release on the DRCV as the plastics supplier for this MileageMatrix product and nominated the DRCV for the International Plastics Exchange design competition.

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News Reports on Du Pont Press Release

The website reported on and carried the complete Du Pont press release of the PlasmaDrive (MileageMatrix) Digital Rotary Control Valve (DRCV).

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