Breakthrough Research & Development

PlasmaDrive is establishing new standards in the pursuit of significant and sustainable fuel economy and reduced emissions. Currently, the average internal combustion automobile engine only converts roughly 20% of its energy into useful power. The rest is expended through heat loss. The two major heat and energy loss locations are the exhaust system and the coolant system. PlasmaDrive systems recover the energy lost in the form of heat using the Phas5Fuel Refinery and the Digital Rotary Control Valve. The result? Over 20% fuel efficiency improvement and over 20% reduction in emissions. And we are only just beginning!


The thermostat was first used by Cadillac in 1914. The technology has essentially gone unchanged for almost 100 years (shown on left).

Our Digital Rotary Control Valve (DRCV on right) and Digital Engine Thermal Management (DETM) replace the old style of thermostat.

With our system, engine temperatures are maintained at optimal levels and engine performance is significantly improved.


PlasmaDrive has developed and engineered a technology which utilizes wasted heat in a process which pre-treats the fuel (for both gasoline and diesel engines) prior to ignition.

The product, Phas5Fuel, is available for any internal combustion engine, OEM and after-market.

The results produce greater fuel efficiency and lowered emissions.







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